Longrich Compensation Plan has already helped millions of people in realizing their dreams. Bonuses & incentives are only the beginning of your business in Longrich, you can achieve the status you set to accomplish. Longrich will provide all the resources needed and partner with you to support you on your way to success.
Longrich direct sales business is one of those assets that can be willed or passed on to one’s offspring, thereby bonuses qualified and earned can be transferred to one’s heir who should also enroll as a Longrich distributor.
Longrich marketing plan operates on the powerful Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) strategy where the sales force is compensated for both the sales they personally generate and also for other people’s sales they recruited into the plan. The recruited sales force is usually referred to as the participant’s downline which equally provides multiple level of compensation.

Ready to get started………..

Longrich pays advanced powerful compensation of 4 Bonuses and 3 Incentives to its distributors which offer great profitability; thereby eliminating the weaknesses and drawbacks of a traditional network system, and also propels Longrich distributors towards financial freedom!


The highlights of this entry level are;

  • Unlimited Brought Forward
  • Unlimited Direct Group(s)
  • Higher Return

The strategy is that you reproduce yourself by introducing and recruiting minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 distributors into the business to start earning on weekly basis between 8% – 12% depending on the membership entry level.

VIP:      12% +1% Global Share
PLATINUM:      12%
GOLD:      10%
SILVER:      8%

The company maintains the highest leg to run the system. You earn on the remaining 2 legs.


The highlights of this entry level are;

  • Unlimited Layers
  • Unlimited Payout
  • Comprehensive Return

Development bonuses are for growing your team beyond its 1st generation (performance level)
The PV’s under A are summed as one leg, the same for B and C.
You will be paid 10% flat weekly on 2 legs with the highest PV’s per generation on the bonus legs.


Leadership bonus entitles you to receive a percentage of performance bonus up to 12 generations based on sponsor tree and ranking.

The highlights of this entry level are;

  • Earn up to 12 generations
  • Unlimited and high payout
  • Never demote ranking

Payable to Diamond distributors above D1 level ranking.
You will receive a weekly payment of 15% Leadership bonus on your 1st generation (10%) and 2nd generation (5%) for a Diamond 2 level ranking.
It is advisable that you purchase a minimum of 30 PV (N10, 000) monthly for you to be active and qualify for the Leadership bonus.


Purchasing a repeat and maintenance order for 30 PV and above within every cycle (4 weeks) qualifies for 4 different bonuses. These include the following below:

15 Level Matrix Bonus (Placement Tree)
You can earn 4.5% on 30PV from every qualify account within 15 layers under your placement network.

Breakaway Bonus (Sponsor Tree)
You can earn from 21% up to 45% on all performance above 30 PV from every account under your sponsor tree in addition to your own account.

Horizontal SD Bonus (Sponsor Tree)
You can qualify as a Super Director (SD) by reaching total group sales of 3500 PV (45%) and above, and be paid 10% on all qualified (SD) accounts on your first level.

Vertical SD Bonus (Sponsor Tree)
You can qualify as a Super Director (SD) and be paid an extra bonus up to 10% by developing your SDs into 3 SD, 5 SD, 7 SD, and 9 SD within your sponsor network. Bonus payout from each SD will be paid out according to the bonus ratio assigned to each SD status.



​1% Global Sharing (cycle)

Positioning determines your income, assets and future.

Being an honourable Platinum VIP member, you will be entitled to Platinum VIP Incentive, which qualifies you to earn 1% of the global share of all the VIP based on your activity per cycle.


​Company shares 2.5% of its global monthly PV in the following manner

D4 – D5 = 1% TRAVEL

D6 = 1% TRAVEL, CAR 1%

D7 – 5 SD = 1% TRAVEL, 1% CAR, 0.5% HOUSE


Company shares 1% of its global sales among Star Directors.

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