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Longrich Bioscience

As a partner with Longrich Bioscience International, We have the capability to provide product research and development, packaging design, raw material procurement, production, distribution & sale of all kinds of cosmetics, personal care, health and pet care products. With a total of 8 research, a 9th one almost completed in Lagos, Nigeria and development centers in three continents and over 12,000 employees worldwide Longrich Bioscience International has also been proven a successful advocate of OEM and ODM arrangements.

Joed Dynamic Synergy Limited

In the span of the last 25 years, JOED has built and established itself as a high class organization driven by integrity, consistent performance, and quality-assured services. We are an organization, manned by a highly disciplined, trained, motivated and engaging work force. We have also been involved in the beautification of homes & gardens, and recently been in partnership with Longrich International whose corporate headquarters reside in China.


Globalchargers Group of the Rising Billionaires Team is a platform aimed at helping people get financial freedom by sharing health and business opportunities. With partnership with Longrich Bioscience International, Globalchargers used the Longrich platform to help people attain success by leveraging their network, with a vision to being healthy and becoming financially free. Want to be globally charged? Join Globalchargers NOW!!!

Why Partner with Longrich?

Performance Bonus

Longrich enables you to earn extra income from what you use everyday. There is always a product for every member of the family irrespective of age or gender.

Development Bonus

Longrich pays you for switching your brand & using and sharing with others!! Get your bonuses paid directly into your account every week based on your volume.


Longrich offers greater profitability and flexibility and unlike other networking companies, it aids and trains its marketers on proper avenues to implement when marketing.

Platinum VIP Incentive

Just by introducing 3 people when you join, with the support offered by the team/club, you can start reaping and rewarding from this extremely fun, exciting and rewarding venture.

Worldwide Incentive

The company organizes minimum of three ‘all expense paid’ international trips annually for qualifying distributors, in 2014, we had trips to Malaysia, USA and China.

Star Director Incentive

There is yearly Car promos, where Longrich has awarded over 300 brand new cars and SUVs within its first 3 years! Also, there is a 25Million house money is awarded from Star Director level.

Longrich Sponsored Travels..

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