Testimony Time The Pi Cup And More That Saved My Life!


When I was so desperately in and out of hospitals, spending ransom amounts of money, a friend advised. You spending so much money, yet you not getting any help, I suggest you try the Academic hospitals.

I listened and went to Jo’burg General and was kept there for about 3 days. I can’t even recall the number of blood tests conducted, but at the end I was told, we found nothing to treat.

Later on, I was transferred to Tembisa hospital, more blood tests conducted and I was told nothing yet to treat. I was then told the last option is to be taken to theater to extract specimen that will be tested in the major labs of these Academic hospitals and it will take 2- 3 months for my results to come out.


On my release from the hospital, after another week of stay, I was presented with panado. I cried very bitterly as I was very weak, couldn’t even walk. My family came to fetch me & you could just see despair & hopelessness in from their eyes. Everyone around me: family, very few friends & my employees thought that’s it, she’s going, she’s not making it, not with only Panado!


When I got home, I told my family, I must get the Longrich Products. Get to my offices & get my diary. I managed to get hold of the products as they were promoted to me. The bill wasn’t that friendly due to my very bad & deteroriated status!. I told the lady, I don’t care how much the bill is, this is my Life and Health. Without Health, I’m nothing & will never have any Wealth. Give me all the products you said will help me and your bill !


My sister was staying with me as I couldn’t even take myself to the bathroom. After 3 days, she experienced a miracle, she shouted and took her phone to call the family to tell them I’m in the kitchen making myself breakfast.


No one believed her, so after few minutes, 3 cars were and my house as people needed to confirm that I’m up!

I was indeed in the living room when they arrived!. There was tears of joy and jubilation!

My sister suggested immediately, please get these same products for your elder brother, we didn’t want to tell you due to your condition, but he has Prostate Cancer and it has gone to a very bad state and now needs to be operated.


So, I did that immediately. After a week, I got the report that my brother is now up & is even seen on the streets. That was music to me and I got better and better.


I went back to the hospital twice and my results were not yet out due to delays and the labs.

I just kept getting better & better and to be honest I even forgot to go back for my results again.

As I’m writing here, I’m one of the healthiest people around the globe & my brother is & also one of the happiest man around the globe.


We’re totally & permanently healed & thank you to #LONGRICH# Natural, Organic & Botanical Products. The PI CUP, The CORDYCEPS MILLITARIS & Its associated COFFEE, The BERRY OIL, The ATHRO SUPREVIVER, The GREEN TEA, The MOUTH FRESHNER, The SUPERBKLEAN UNDERLINERS & many more!


If you or anyone you know suffers from any Life-threatening disease/ailment, chronic disease or low immunity, it’s time to turn to LONGRICH. #See my photos before & after#

These herbal supplements & many other Personal Care products in this brand work. Take it from me & my family as we have 1st hand experience. We are creating awareness globally with the aim to help as many people as possible CLAIM BACK THEIR HEALTH  which is one’s PRIMARY RIGHT. These Products are PREVENTIVE, but also MAINTAIN where an ailment already exist.


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