SuperbKlean Sanitary Napkins & Anti-Bacterial Panty Liners with Magnetic Energy, Far Infrared and Anion (For Teens, Unisex, and Women’s Heavy Flow)

5 Outstanding Features of The SuperbKlean Sanitary Napkin:

  1. a) Outer packing: Food grade aluminium foil with resealable opening offers better resistance to damp, mold and bacteria
    b) Inner packaging: Well sealed 360 degree packaging and a separable package for each napkin to prevent hard contact and secondary contamination.
  2. Comfortable: Close fitting soft surface is comfortable, hypoallergic
  3. Absorbent: Quick absorption, without reverse osmosis, highly effective absorbance factor, converting liquid into pudding like gelatin, always keep dry and not sticky
  4. Air permeable: The bottom layer is made of highly resistance and air permeable materials that prevent leaking and effectively reduces moisture and warmness between napkin and skin
  5. For women’s health: Multi functional green strip in the superbklean naturally has a 3 energy giving property.


  • Improves blood circulation and cell activity
  • Drows out toxins
  • Increases bio enzymes


  • Purifies the environment
  • Prevents bacteria and eliminates odor
  • Guardians of the Body & Vitamins OF LIFE
  • Prevents irritation, pain and infection


  • Stimulates local and micro circulation and cell growth
  • Flushes out toxins and strengthens immunity

Advantages of the SuperbKlean products

  • Preserves health
  • Relieves menstrual pain
  • Cures toilet infections, STDs and itching
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory – treats boils & inflammations
  • Shrinks fibroid and takes care of gynaecological diseases
  • Eliminates odour
  • Promotes metabolism
  • Improves endocrine/glandualr function
  • Enhances immunity
  • Relieves stress

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