It is a business opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs. Direct sales companies generated over $150 billion dollars in revenue worldwide in 2012. Over 91 million people earned income through direct selling. It is an equal rights opportunity established for everyone to succeed. ​

The company focuses on developing products that blend science and nature iwth products being daily innovative, organic, straightforward and highly effective consumables such as sanitary napkins, pantyliners, bamboo soaps, mosquito repellant sprays, coffee, mouthfreshners, toothpastes, bodywashes/creams, health wines, antiperspirants, handcreams, shampoos, health teas, effective nutritional supplements, energy pots, alkaline cups, nutrivrich vegefruit drinks etc. Longrich has a proven track record in terms of product quality because of its extensive investment in research & development.

The profit margin on all products range between 25% – 30%. The company gives you the flexibility to run the business the way it works best for you. You can do it either Mono Level (ordinary distributorship) or Multi Level (Networking). The choice is yours. You enjoy 1% global profit sharing every month if you sign up as Platinum VIP member. Remember, the company’s products are sold in over 50 countries and still counting! So imagine what you will earn monthly from the global profit. Shares that were bought close to ₦200,000 some 8 years back, and today they are not worth ₦25,000! Isn’t Longrich a better deal, or Infact the best deal?!

There are weekly bonus payments called ‘Green Thursday’ based on activities of your team members. No monthly target, so no pressure. Work at your pace to grow in ranks (only a one-off ₦40,000, ₦90,000, ₦180,000, ₦360,000 and ₦900,000 investment). For an example, to be a direct distributor of many multinationals in Nigeria, you will need to have a minimum of ₦3,000,000!  But Longrich is offering you partnership with as little as ₦60,000. Points Value (PVs) are cumulative. No loss of points due to inactivity. Only 3 direct downlines (legs) required. This is primarily a product-driven business—we make highly effective products with many amazing testimonies! A reward includes a sponsored 3-years Executive MBA (Master of Busines Administration) at Regis University in Denver, Colorado, USA when you become a Director ( Diamond 7). When you become a director, you will be attending Directors Conference at the headquarters in China every year hence the sponsored MBA to ensure your contributions to decision making are in tune with modern trend and global practice.

Recommend yourself or any person of your choice for a 4 years undergraduate study at one of the best universities in China when you become a Director (Diamond 7) and an opportunity of full-time employment at Longrich Head Office upon graduation (Please because of this scholarship I’ll advise you to do this business for your children’s future). Earn on all generations till infinity. Opportunity for multiple earnings through multiple registrations. Products are ISO (International Standards Organisation), FDA, and NAFDAC certified. Hence product quality is assured and guaranteed. LONGRICH is one of the four MLM company operating in Nigeria that is rated among top 100 MLM companies in the world by Direct Sales News (DSN) based on her turnover and the company is just 3 years old in Nigeria.

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